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Candidate Orientation

We are delighted that you are considering us to assist in your career search! Our reputation depends on representing professional, loyal, and qualified temporary employees. We are confident that you will be an asset to our team. The following information will give you a better understanding of what services Mack has to offer, along with our policies, procedures, and benefits. If one of the companies we work with request a background or credit check, we will administer those with your written consent. For more information about your rights, please refer to

Commitment ~ Prior to accepting a temporary assignment, you will be given a summary of the duties required, as well as its duration. Once you have accepted, you are expected to fulfill your obligation. Our clients rely upon you to complete their work, and we ask that you represent Mack & Associates, Ltd. in a professional manner. If you plan on scheduling interviews, please do so before or after business hours. If this is not possible, call your Temporary Staffing Consultant as soon as possible, so we can make arrangements with the employer that you are working with.

Preparation ~ Upon accepting an assignment, you will be given the name of the company, location, hours, pay rate, contact person, dress code, and responsibilities. Be sure to arrive promptly at your assignment equipped with a blank timesheet and performance review form. Please call your Temporary Staffing Consultant within thirty minutes of your arrival. If you have any questions, please do not assume- always ask!

Communication ~ We understand that people become ill and emergencies occur. It is crucial, however, that you notify us by calling our office, calling or texting our emergency cell phone number (312-520-9188), or emailing your consultant as soon as you know that you are going to be late or absent. Please contact us by 3:00pm the day that you are absent to inform Mack whether you anticipate being available for the next day, so we can either contact the employer that you are working with, or schedule you for additional assignments.

Attire ~ As a representative of Mack & Associates, Ltd., we ask that you wear professional attire to all assignments unless otherwise stated. Jeans should never be worn unless specified.

Payroll ~ A new timesheet is required for each new assignment. Make sure that the hours submitted for pay, are less any breaks or lunches. Fax your signed timesheet to 312.368.1868 at the end of your assignment or the end of that workweek. To ensure your payroll check is ready on time, email to by 1pm Monday. Checks will be available for pickup every Wednesday after 1pm. A timesheet is available here.

Performance Reviews ~ As part of our withHonors Employee Rewards Program, you are able to earn points based on weekly performance reviews. You must submit a review to your supervisor, along with your timesheet, at the completion of each assignment or at the end of every week during a long-term assignment. We're asking you to remind our clients of the importance of these reviews... remember each review can equal money in your pocket! Performance review forms are available here.

withHonors ~ withHonors reward points are our way of thanking you, our Flexible Employee. We've developed this program with American Express Incentive Services not only to reward our flexible employees for their hard work but also because it promotes loyalty, reliability, productivity and continuous improvement. Please ask your Flexible Staffing Consultant how to enroll in this program.

Holiday Pay ~ Upon completion of 1040 consecutive hours, you are eligible for 3 paid holidays. After completion of 2080 consecutive hours, you are eligible for 6 paid holidays. Those holidays include: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. In order to receive payment for these holidays, you must have worked the day before and the day after. If the company's office with which you are currently assigned to is not open, you must make yourself available to Mack & Associates for additional assignments on those days or you will no longer be eligible for pay for that holiday.

Vacation Pay ~ Upon completion of 2080 consecutive hours, you are eligible for one week paid vacation (5 days). You will be paid for your average hours worked per day. Your Temporary Staffing Consultant must approve this vacation prior to using it as well as the employer you are currently working with to determine if the requested time off will interfere with the assignment. The five days must be used consecutively and you must make yourself available to work the week before and the week after your requested time off. This benefit is only available while employed by Mack & Associates. Once you accept a permanent position or leave Mack & Associates employ, you are no longer eligible to receive this benefit and any unused vacation days are not paid out.

Helpful Hints ~ Arrive promptly and ready for work. No personal phone calls unless absolutely necessary. Be friendly and have a sincere desire to help, you never know when a direct-hire position may become available. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask. Take initiative and think proactively. Last but not least, ask them what you can do to be the best flexible employee they've ever had!

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