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Mack & Associates Unique Programs

Great Benefits for Employers

The withHonors Employee Rewards Program
Benefits Flexible and Temp-to-Hire Staffing

Mack & Associates, Ltd. is proud to introduce the withHonors Employee Rewards Program. This unique incentive program is unlike any other the staffing industry has ever seen! We’ve developed this program with American Express Incentive Services which not only rewards our flexible employees for their hard work, but also promotes loyalty, reliability, productivity and continuous improvement. This means increased benefits to you the client. Offering our employees motivation promotes consistent performance from a candidate base that is constantly increasing their skill level. Because they are rewarded for good performance, they will strive to do a better job for you more than ever before! How it works is simple! Our flexible employees can earn points in the following categories:

  • Weekly Performance Reviews, they can earn a total of 6 points from their weekly performance review if you feel they’ve done an excellent job
  • Referral of Other Qualified Candidates
  • Above & Beyond withHonors

After the employee has accumulated 25 points they will be awarded a personalized $25 Encompass Card with the American Express logo. The best part of this program is that they can keep earning points weekly and their Cards will automatically be updated.

All we ask of you is after each assignment to fill out the Performance Review our candidate gives you along with his/her timesheet and fax it to us @ 312.368.1868. The process is completely confidential and our employees have been instructed to direct any questions regarding their points to Mack & Associates, Ltd.


  • Provides you with employees that have proven themselves to Mack
  • Promotes loyalty/retention. Gives the temporary employee incentive to take a job with us as opposed to another agency
  • Motivational tool to increase productivity, reliability and skills because they can earn points (money).
  • Creates a vested interest in Mack for the temporary employee

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The Jump Start Program
Benefits Flexible Staffing

Mack & Associates, Ltd. has launched the Jump Start Program that protects our clients from last minute staffing emergencies. If for any reason an employee is unable to fulfill their daily commitment, our consultants have proven performers on call from 7:30am to 9:30am, dressed and ready to go wherever needed. Your office doesn't miss a beat because our employee will be out the door the minute we call. And unlike other firms, you can reach a flexible staffing consultant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our cell phone at 312.520.9188.


  • Minimizes downtime for you
  • Eliminates your frustration. You don’t have to think twice about how to cover a desk
  • No additional cost to you, we’ve invested in this program for you!

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Mack Assessment and Testing Options – a la Carte – Special Mack Pack

It has been brought to our attention that some un-bundling of our services is a great way to help companies when they identify and locate potential candidates outside of Mack’s resources. Taking that next smart step is a sure way to increase the chances for a successful match with your company! For pricing call a Mack & Associates Representative.

Let us help you with this very important process and decision!

Service   Service Description
Verification of Education   Verifies degree and date of graduation
Professional References   Verifies 1 reference to pinpoint the candidate's dependability, strengths, weaknesses, work ethic, responsibilities, skills, etc. May include up to 1 personal reference.
Verification of Employment   Verifies employment dates, title, and reason for leaving. This service is for the reference, which by company policy, is only permitted to share this information.
Background Check   The criminal background check includes a Social Security Trace, County Criminal & Misdemeanor – All Lived & Worked in the past 7 years, Multi-Jurisdictional National Search with County Verification, and National Sex Offender Registry. If an individual has any aliases used in the past seven years there will be a $20 charge per Alias.
Drug/Alcohol Screening   A 5 Panel Drug Screen will be administered. This service is not available for Direct-Hire Candidates.
Computer Software Assessment   Will provide testing on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint (2007) Special Bonus: We will include the standard Typing Test and Business English (i.e. grammar, spelling and vocabulary). *Testing available for individual programs.  Please see your Staffing Consultant for details.
Personality Profile   Should you require a personality assessment, Mack will administer the questionnaire on your behalf to assess the type of employee and if they are the right fit for your position.

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Payrolling Services

Mack is providing payroll services to companies that need to reduce overhead and administrative burden resulting in cost savings. These services are frequently utilized when companies wish to add new employees on a trial basis, reduce administrative overload on existing staff, resolve human resource issues or outsourcing payroll. You can add employees to our payroll reducing your expenses and risk. There is no conversion or buyout rate if you decide to hire the employee at a later date.

Payrolling is ideal for:

  • Staffing projects
  • Part Time employees
  • Complying with corporate hiring freezes
  • Avoiding costly overheads
  • Providing more time to run your business.

If you would like to learn more about our payrolling services & how we can save you money. Call will be happy you did!

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