Since its founding in 1984, Mack & Associates, Ltd. has proven to be the best staffing and recruiting firm in Chicago.

Our Mission

We uniquely blend our boutique style of recruiting with an innate ability to achieve the needs of both large and scale companies. We are a proud Women Owned Business (WBE) with a mission of connecting the very best candidates in the Chicagoland area to the very best employers, all with a personal touch.

With over 35 years of experience, Mack & Associates, Ltd. offers tailored placement services to fill Direct Hire, Temporary and Temp to Hire positions within the administrative space for a wide variety of industry sectors.

Our continued success is attributed to our steadfast approach to quality, from which we will never deviate. Our staffing agency is determined in finding not just candidates, but the best and right candidates for all of our positions.

The Mack Method

We approach recruiting with a proprietary recruiting model that we define as the Mack Method. This distinctive Mack Method and process allows for our recruiters to uncover the most in-depth information about our candidates and employers. We believe this depth of information is critical in finding the true match between a candidate and the employer. To get to the root of this information, it takes time. It also requires asking the right kind of questions. Knowing that, our recruiters have to spend countless hours discovering the answers to these questions.

There is no uniform approach, as we customize every one of our placement services for each candidate and employer through the questions we ask them, hence the Mack Method.

The Mack Methodology is our “secret sauce”, and what sets us apart from any other staffing agency in Chicago. Just try it. You will see the difference right away!

Mack & Associates - Direct Hire & Temporary Staffing

Since its founding in 1984, Mack & Associates, Ltd. has proven to be the best staffing and recruiting firm in Chicago.


Konvalia Greco

Konvalia Greco


Konvalia Greco joined Mack & Associates, Ltd. in 1995 after leaving the Phoenix staffing market to set her sights on Chicago. Konvalia’s prior recruiting experience came from working in a large national staffing firm, as well as working in other sizeable staffing firms to finance her college education.

Early in her career, she found it was easy to deliver volume on the national level, but the quality was consistently lacking – a business practice she was determined to transform. When Konvalia came to Mack & Associates, Ltd., she was excited about being able to customize a true path for high quality placements between an employer and candidate. “You can ask questions all day long. If you ask the right questions, you will get interesting answers. Those answers are what can change the direction of success in filling positions and setting a path for success. We are always striving to fill our positions with the very best fit, and that takes a lot of discovery work. We truly want to get the right answers”.

Throughout her tenure, Konvalia helped develop and build the Direct Hire and Temporary Divisions with always the same goal in mind: superior service, superior candidates. “The success of Mack is determined by our team of recruiters who are smart, driven and have the strongest work ethics in the industry. They believe in delivering results with integrity and professionalism. When you have a team that loves what they do, they will deliver superior results”.

Lana Iceberg

Lana Iceberg

Vice President

Lana Iceberg came to Mack & Associates, Ltd. in 2002 after graduating from Michigan State University and wanting to launch her career in Chicago. Throughout her 17+ year tenure, she has procured and implemented the unique Mack Method with her tenacity, work ethic, and passion for people.

Sharing Konvalia’s vision for a tailored and personal approach to recruiting has proven successful in growing Mack & Associates, Ltd.’s client and candidate pipeline with the best companies and talent in the Chicago market. “We truly recruit the best candidates ranging from entry-level and recent college grads through the top Executive Assistants in Chicago. With our boutique style, our staffing agency has proven to be a trusted and successful source for the top administrative professionals finding their career match with the most prominent companies in Chicago spanning a wide variety of industries.”

Lana’s dynamic skillset drives streamlined processes behind the scenes, and creates a seamless recruiting experience for candidates and clients alike. “Our team at Mack & Associates, Ltd. is outstanding; we employ the best of the best and it shows with our clients and candidates. I am proud to be a part of a progressive Women Owned Business (WBE) staffing firm that continues to evolve alongside market trends and the ever-changing industry.”

Lea Delfosse

Lea Delfosse

Director of Sales & Training

Lea has 25 years of experience in recruiting, management, and senior leadership, and continues to be passionate about Mack & Associates, Ltd. and the recruiting industry. After moving to Chicago, Lea joined Mack & Associates, Ltd. due to the energy and natural consultative approach to working with candidates and clients. This concept has always been important to her as people need to tell their story of trials, tribulations, and successes in this industry. “Their experiences and stories become the foundation for our understanding and approach in assisting the candidates and clients we serve. I appreciate the differences and uniqueness of every individual we work with in this business and truly enjoy helping with their professional journeys and hiring successes.”

Lea loves being a part of the Mack & Associates, Ltd. team and being surrounded by positive, genuine, energetic, and skilled people that are as passionate about recruiting as she is.

Brianne Patra

Brianne Patra

Director of Business Operations

Brianne came to Mack & Associates, Ltd. in 2015 after working within operations and finance in the Detroit area. She was eager to not only bring her experience to the organization, but to learn from the female executives within the organization.

“Being a Women Owned Business (WBE), I was excited to join an organization that promotes the empowerment of women in the professional workforce.” Brianne is a ‘Jill of all trades’ and takes extreme care to ensure daily operations run seamlessly.

With her experience, knowledge, and unparalleled work ethic, she manages and streamlines the operational processes that contribute to Mack & Associates, Ltd.’s continued success.


When you partner with Mack & Associates, Ltd., you probably want to know how staffing firms work and how we work differently than others. To know how we work, we want to start by describing how we think and what our goals and core values are within our staffing agency. First and foremost, we are here to be a part of your team and get you the results you want.


Whether you are a client or candidate, our goal is to provide you with the best expertise, resources and quality customer service in the industry. We will give you the most candid advice and coaching, and we will go the extra mile to find the perfect match for you or your organization.

It is not enough to provide generic staffing and recruiting services for our clients and candidates. Instead, we are constantly striving to grow, improve and innovate to be the best.

At Mack & Associates, Ltd., we constantly strive to grow, improve and innovate to be the best. At the same time, we stay grounded and true to our fundamental core values that drive the energy, integrity and momentum in our office every day. Over twenty years ago, we created 160 unique and strong values which we felt most embodied our team ethic and dynamic. After careful consideration and thought, the result produced ten core values that encompass who we truly are at Mack & Associates, Ltd. Over the years, we have prudently added four additional words/phrases that define how we operate, both professionally and personally. We are dedicated to upholding these values each day to provide you the quality care and service you deserve.

Mack & Associates - Passionate

Strong emotional desire, intensity of interests, excitement for process.

Mack & Associates - Positive

Confident optimistic outlook, welcoming environment, feels the best is yet to come… Challenges are opportunities. A fun place to work!

Mack & Associates - Expertise

Knowledge, skills, experience, talent at being the best in the industry.

Mack & Associates - Energetic

Fast paced, health and vitality, action oriented.

Mack & Associates - Committed

Perseverance and loyalty to clients, candidates and team.

Mack & Associates - Growth

Ever changing, adapting, progressive, cutting edge, curious minded, and doing more than you think you can!

Mack & Associates - Authentic

Sincerity, trustworthiness, genuine interest, ability to judge uniqueness in clients’ culture.

Mack & Associates - Intuative

Innate sense of direction, willingness to trust your instincts, intangible resolve.

Mack & Associates - Results Driven
Results Oriented

Focused on essential goals with expedient resolve, ability to close, ability to solve problems.

Mack & Associates - Creative

Out-of-the-box thinking, open-minded, willing to be influenced with new ideas.

Mack & Associates - Happy Workplace

Having fun in a professional environment, while also finding the humor in stressful situations, laughing at self.

Mack & Associates - Team Building

Bringing everyone together, leaving stress and work out the door, great food.

Mack & Associates - Gratitude

Success or challenges… big or small with an attitude of gratitude – Appreciates and values team, clients and candidates – greet each moment with great expectation for success, knowing that solutions are everywhere.

Mack & Associates - Kindness

Daily thoughtfulness and friendliness – awareness of our effect on others, selflessness, being unconditional – making the right choice for greater good of all.