Mack & Associates Employers Services
Do you have a need for a great temp to come assist your office? Is someone going on vacation? Is someone out sick? Is your assistant going on a leave?

When you need additional coverage for your team, we are here to help you fill those openings and keep your business running smoothly. We fill our temporary positions as if the candidates could work in your office for the long-term. We truly believe that a temp should be someone that not only helps provide your organization with the necessary coverage, but also fits into your organization and culture like a glove!

Whatever your needs may be, whether the assignment lasts for 4 hours or 6 months, full-time or part-time, you can count on Mack & Associates, Ltd. to find you the best temps in Chicago!

We have temporary staffing for: Receptionists, Office Services, Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants, Accounts Payable, Events Registration/Event Staff, Customer Service, and much more.



Mack & Associates, Ltd.’s unique incentive program, withHonors is designed to encourage outstanding employee performance, thus benefiting all parties. Not only does this program reward our temporary staffing employees for their flexibility and hard work, it also promotes loyalty, productivity, and continuous improvement.

How it works: Upon hire, each of our temps receive a withHonors account, courtesy of Mack & Associates, Ltd. Our temps will provide you a performance review sheet each week to complete, consisting of six categories. Should they receive an ‘excellent’ rating in all six categories, points will be added to their withHonors account.

Once the temp candidate has accumulated 25 points, he/she will be awarded a personalized $25 OmniCard Visa Reward card.  This extra incentive is at no cost to you, but the benefits are tremendous!

Not only does your temp earn their weekly paycheck, but they have the opportunity to make an extra bonus for going above and beyond!

Remote/Flexible Staffing Options

Over the course of the last year, Mack & Associates, Ltd. has had tremendous success with our temporary employees working in a remote and/or hybrid capacity.

Whether your needs be administrative support, data entry, and ad-hoc project or even reception, Mack & Associates, Ltd. has you covered!

Find out how Mack & Associates, Ltd. can help keep your office running seamlessly, regardless of where your employees are working.

Our Service Guarantee

We love our temps and are proud to say they continually do fantastic work for our clients. However, if you are not satisfied with their performance, please contact us immediately so we may remedy the situation and provide a qualified replacement to complete the assignment.