Simply put… we work with great companies that have the best jobs.

When you work with Mack & Associates, Ltd., we want you to experience something different than any other staffing agency in Chicago. 

Not only do we work with the best companies, but in addition we are here to help discover what jobs are the best for YOUWe want you to find the job that you want versus a job that you need. 

We start by asking you questions that really encourage you to think about your job search in a different way. We will also get an understanding where your personality, drive and energy will be best utilized in a position. We want to uncover where you will seamlessly fit into company culture and not only enjoy your work, but also enjoy your co-workers and colleagues while doing it. We truly want to help you get on the right path to finding the best jobs in Chicago!

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We Are Here to Help You Discover What the Best Possible Position is For You

Candidates initially come to Mack & Associates, Ltd. with a general understanding and idea of what they are looking for in their job search. After meeting with our team, you will have further clarity and a clearer overall picture of what your true attributes are, and where you will excel the most.

It’s not just about having the right kind of work experience, it’s about understanding where your personality, drive, and energy will be best utilized. It’s about finding the company, culture, and environment where you will fit in seamlessly. It’s not just about finding a new job, it’s about finding THE job that you WANT and will excel in. We strive to help you find exactly that – at no charge to you!

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We Will Introduce You To The Best Companies To Work For In Chicago, Many of Which Are Difficult to Get Into

When you submit your resume for a job opening these days, it can feel like it goes into cyber space, and, unfortunately, it is rare to receive a response. Some companies are really hard to break into because everyone wants to work for them, and the field is so competitive! We are here to help you get into some of these hard to reach companies.

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We Will Help You Discover How To Consider Positions, Companies and Industries That You May Have Never Thought of Before

Often times, candidates come to Mack & Associates, Ltd. with an expectation or interest that is limited to certain industries. We are here to provide further insight into companies and industries that may be under your radar but are equally fantastic to work for. Throughout our experience, we have encountered candidates who turn down an interview due to lack of interest based on the preconceived notion of what that company or industry may entail. We strive to bridge the gap between assumption and reality and offer you additional details and data as to why you should take another look. Our experience and statistics clearly show this method has produced countless successful placements!

“The recruiters at Mack & Associates, Ltd. helped me navigate what I wanted during my job search. I found it useful talking to different recruiters to let them learn more about me and figure out the best options for my career path moving forward.”


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We Will Be Here To Offer You Advice and Expertise Prior to Every Interview!

Interviewing can be an exciting and daunting process by its very nature. Then, take into consideration the various questions that arise prior to your first interview. How do you know that you are interviewing at your best? How do you discuss salary in an interview? How do you express why the employer should hire you? We will offer you tips and advice regarding your verbal and non-verbal skills that our team observed during our initial interview with you, and are happy to role play if need be. We are here to help guide you through these interviews to ensure you are comfortable and presenting at your best. We will also share honest feedback, both good and bad, after every interview so we can help better shape your interviews moving forward.

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We Will Give You Advice and Helpful Tips On Your Resume To Ensure it Highlights and Promotes Your Best Features

Writing a resume can be quite challenging in itself. What qualifications and skills should you emphasize? What areas should you spend the most amount of time highlighting? We are here to offer you tips and tricks based on direct feedback from the hiring employers we work with every day. We want to ensure that when your resume is presented for a position, it collectively showcases the best aspects of your experience, background, and skill set.

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We Will Be Your Advocate Regarding Salary Expectations, Benefits and Learning How To Position Yourself

Searching and applying for a job is stressful enough. Once the interview process begins, you may feel unsure or even uncomfortable on how to appropriately navigate discussions surrounding salary, benefits, and perks. What are the salary ranges? What is too high/too low? What do most industries pay? We are here to help guide you through all of these important topics!

“The level of professionalism and clear communication has been wonderful. They have made the entire process very easy to navigate. I feel supported and set up for success.”