Simply put… we have great candidates.

When you have an employee that is great in their job and fits well into your organization, it is one of the best feelings to have. When you have to re-fill a position, there can be a lot of worry about finding that great match again. At Mack & Associates, Ltd., we are passionate about the staffing business and understand how important it is to find the best person.

Mack & Associates Employers Services
Mack & Associates Employers Services

Simply put… we love what we do.

You will see it in our attitude, actions, service, and, more importantly, in the execution of our placements.

We believe that finding the right person is more than reviewing a resume and considering their experience. It is also about understanding how your company culture operates and what personality characteristics/drive works well within your company.

We begin our service by defining your goals and then custom tailoring our services to best fulfill your needs, which may include Direct Hire, Temporary, or Temp to Hire positions. You can choose any staffing firm to fill your positions, but you want to choose the one that will accomplish your goals. We are different for many reasons, yet the only way you will know is if you let us start recruiting for you. You will notice the difference right away.

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We Use The Mack Method

The Mack Method is a term we created to describe the precise and unique way we identify select candidates for our clients. It is the distinction between Mack & Associates, Ltd. and any other Chicago staffing firm, as this method creates the optimum results in achieving your recruiting goals.

We have made it our practice to hire recruiters that we home grow so they are able to learn using the Mack Method quality way of recruiting. It is an exhaustive training process that takes years to perfect with our recruiters, but has proven successful time after time.

The result? We are trained to ask the right questions from the start. We dive deeper to elicit answers which pinpoint specific details about each candidate and client. This crucial dialogue creates a profound understanding of which path we should take with each individual. The Mack Method is about listening wholeheartedly to what each candidate and client is truly saying. Ultimately, the goal of the Mack Method is that we identify the best administrative and executive assistants for your roles. We achieve that goal every time!

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We Access Candidates That No One Else Can Because of Our Network And Resources

Mack & Associates, Ltd. has remained dedicated to quality administrative staffing services in the Chicago marketplace for over 35 years. That dedication and focus has allowed us to build long-term relationships with the best talent in Chicago, and, consequently, we have an amazing proprietary database from which to recruit, just for you!

We not only access the best candidates on the market, but specifically those that will fit within YOUR company culture. That is the key. There are tons of great candidates in the Chicago marketplace, but not all will excel at every company or fit in to every company culture.

Our consultative approach known as the Mack Method allows us to determine and understand what those key elements are that make your company culture so unique. We will utilize all of our resources and expertise to determine the best-quality candidates that align with the role itself, as well as your company as a whole. Mack & Associates, Ltd. delivers just that – the best-quality candidates, hand-picked specifically for you and your organization.

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We Advocate For Your Position In The Right Way To Draw Candidates

Mack & Associates, Ltd. bridges the gap between assumption and reality surrounding companies and candidates. Many times, we find that candidates have certain assumptions about a company or industry causing them to pass it by due to lack of interest or knowledge. In turn, your company could miss out on a great candidate based on that notion alone.

Our team of recruiters will discover your company’s best features and highlight them aptly, giving candidates the opportunity to make more than just a surface level decision. We utilize the knowledge we have gained from partnering with your company to explain why it’s beneficial for candidates to remain open and consider an industry they may have never considered before. We will advocate on your behalf, and our recruiting team will work tirelessly to bring you the best administrative candidates in Chicago.

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We Save You Time And Money Because We Find You The Right Candidates

Your time is valuable and finding talent is a very time consuming process. We are here to make it quick and as seamless as possible for you, all the while getting you the best talent to fill your position.

We believe in quality over quantity, so we won’t send you candidates just for the sake of appearances. We will only send you candidates that we feel will be the best match for the role.

Your time is valuable – let us help support you through this process!

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We Are Your HR Advisory Support With Current Market Data

For over 35 years, Mack & Associates, Ltd. has been one of the best staffing and recruiting firms in Chicago with the most exceptional Administrative Assistant and Executive Assistant placements. With our tenured expertise, we have some of the greatest market knowledge out there when it comes to administrative staffing across all industries.

Because of this cross-functionalism, we are a depository of information regarding how companies approach hiring, benefits, salaries, and retention of employees. We can become your advisory service and consult you on making the right decisions with salaries, titles, allocations of job duties, and much more!

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