We pride ourselves on a portfolio of great client relationships.

“We have had great results from the JumpStart program. So many times, we have needed temporary help at the last minute. With the JumpStart program, Mack & Associates, Ltd. usually has someone in our office within an hour! It helps me, personally, so that I do not have to take time out of my day to cover the reception area or finish a mailing project. Now that’s customer service!”

Client, Chicago Industrial Firm

“When other agencies call to solicit our business, I tell them they’ll have a tough time competing with Mack & Associates, Ltd. They know us, what we are looking for and how to find it. Those other companies are often “fishing” for business and are more than willing to waste my time in the process. Mack & Associates, Ltd. just gets the job done. Whether I’m working with Konvalia or one of her professional recruiters, the experience is always pleasant and efficient. They display grace under pressure, and high level of professionalism and competency.”

Client, Chicago Area Commercial Real Estate Firm

“Where we wouldn’t be able to find a suitable candidate for a couple of days, Mack & Associates, Ltd. can do it within hours! They offer a very competitive rate without sacrificing the high degree of professionalism that their candidates are known for.”

Client, Global Hospitality Firm

“Mack & Associates, Ltd. makes every effort to get to know their clients. By doing so, they are able to strategically place their candidates with a company that is a good fit, creating a win-win opportunity. Mack & Associates, Ltd. excels at creating partnerships in business”

Client, Chicago Area Property Management Firm

“Mack & Associates, Ltd. has played an integral role in our staffing function for over 3 years. They have a unique understanding of our business and our organization’s culture that is exhibited each time they present a candidate to our firm. I have one point of contact who works with all the managers in our firm. That trusted relationship keeps us coming back to Mack & Associates, Ltd. for all of our hiring needs.”

Client, Chicago Area Financial Firm