Do you love to help out and fill in?  Do you need a flexible schedule to work when you are available?  Are you looking to work for a couple of months to make some extra income?

As one of the best temp agencies in Chicago, we staff short-term and long-term temporary positions at some of the best companies in Chicago. Not only will you work valuable assignments through us, you will also get to see how these companies operate firsthand.

Advantages of Temping

  • Fantastic resume builder to gain valuable experience and launch your way into corporate environments.
  • Great way to experience different industries and roles that you may have never considered before.
  • Flexible schedule – Choose when you want to work. Whether you are available for a couple of months, weeks, or days … the choice is yours!
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We are proud to offer an employee incentive program unlike any other the staffing industry has ever seen! Mack & Associates, Ltd.’s unique incentive program, withHonors, is designed to encourage outstanding employee performance and benefits all parties.

How it works: Upon hire, you will receive a withHonors account, courtesy of Mack. Provide the client with your performance review sheet to complete at the end of each week. Should you receive an ‘excellent’ rating in all six categories, points will be added to your withHonors account. Once 25 points have been accumulated, you will be awarded a personalized $25 Omni Visa Reward card. This incentive is entirely complimentary and a wonderful opportunity for you to earn an extra bonus for going above and beyond!

Points can be earned in the following categories:
  • Weekly Performance Reviews
    Each response of ‘excellent’ on a performance review equals 1 point.
  • Above & Beyond withHonors
    Our recruiters can issue bonus points for extraordinary performance, assignment completion, commitment & much more!

It’s simple – each area of evaluation equals one point, and each incentive point received will convert to $1 on the card. Once our temporary employees have accumulated 25 points, they are eligible to receive a $25 Omni Visa Reward Card.

Mack Associates Refer A Friend

Mack Referral Program

We are proud to offer an incentive that we have developed to reward our valued candidates for their referrals. We understand that high-quality candidates often know other talented people who may wish to work with us and benefit from our services. At Mack & Associates, Ltd., we are proud of the fact that a high number of our candidates come to us by referral from current, satisfied Mack & Associates, Ltd. applicants as well as candidates we have placed. We believe that they are the best resource for other viable candidates. To show our appreciation for recommending a friend or colleague to us, we offer a great referral bonus program!

The program is simple: just refer a friend or colleague to us. Once they have been screened and hired by Mack & Associates, Ltd. for a temporary assignment or by a Mack & Associates, Ltd. corporate client for a direct hire placement, you qualify for the bonus.

There is no limit in the referral bonus program, the more people you refer, the more money you receive!

Why refer a friend or colleague to Mack & Associates, Ltd.? You’re doing them a service! With the flexibility, opportunities, and benefits offered, this could be their best career move yet! Our candidates are very important to us! We are always looking for professional, motivated, and experienced individuals who are seeking new job opportunities. We want to reward you for helping us service more great candidates such as yourself! Good employees are the key to any successful business and we would like to invite you to participate in our referral program.

Mack Associates Refer A Friend

Flexible Insurance Options

We offer 2 different insurance plans that are designed with flexibility in mind. The first plan is a Fixed Indemnity plan offering coverage for doctors visits, emergency care, prescriptions and more. The second plan, Minimum Essential Care, offers preventative care options.

Mack Associates Refer A Friend

Holiday Pay/Vacation Pay

Upon completion of 1040 consecutive hours, you could be eligible for paid holidays. Upon completion of 2080 consecutive hours, you are eligible to earn up to five (5) days of paid vacation. For further information, ask your recruiter!