I am Looking for a New Position

Are you embarking on a new job search? Do you need help with knowing where to send your resume and what will be the best role for you?

What industries will work best with your experience? What salary range should you be targeting? How will you do your best in your interview?

We are here to help you throughout this entire process. We are the experts in permanent placement and temporary staffing throughout Chicago and work tirelessly for hundreds of candidates each and every day!

We will help shape and guide your job search for you to not only find a job, but the RIGHT job!

Mack Associates - Candidate Services

Direct Hire

Looking for a new job? This can be the most exciting and yet daunting of an experience. Where do you start? What companies are the best and how will you know? 

Insight, guidance, support, and, most importantly, advice…the four most important things in the beginning, middle and end of your search. We are here for all of them and will give you the best expert advice possible. We are lucky and grateful to have worked with so many placements over the last 35+ years and through that time developed the expertise you need at the most critical of times.  

We have the best recruiters in Chicago that not only have the best knowledge of the Chicago job market, but truly care in finding you what you want versus what you need. Our boutique atmosphere gives each candidate the attention they deserve.  Work with recruiters that love what they do and therefore, will help you find what you love to do!!!