I am an Actor / Actress Looking for Temp Jobs in Chicago in the Midst of Auditions

Are you an actor / actress trying to juggle auditions while also trying to pay rent? We are here to help and provide you some flexible staffing options!

We work with so many professionals in the Chicago arts community, and offer some of the best jobs for actors that work well with your unique schedule.

Mack & Associates - Candidate Services


Do you love to help out and fill in? Do you need a flexible schedule to work when you are available? Are you looking to work for a couple of months to make some extra income?

As one of the best temp agencies in Chicago, we staff short-term and long-term temporary positions at some of the best companies in Chicago. Not only will you work valuable assignments through us, you will also get to see how these companies operate firsthand.

Advantages of Temping

  • Fantastic resume builder to gain valuable experience and launch your way into corporate environments
  • Flexible schedule – choose when you want to work. Whether you are available for a couple of months, weeks, or days… the choice is yours!
  • Great way to experience different industries and roles that you may have never considered before
  • More benefits of temping >

Mack & Associates, Ltd. is the best staffing agency in Chicago. Let our job placement services help and support you in your job search!